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The NMRK World App (Nam-myoho-renge-kyo) is directed to the SGI Buddhist practitioner and to the beginners of this Buddhist practice.
Three languages available: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Receive daily messages of guidance and motivation. The NMRK World App will remind you daily the best time you want to chant gongyo and daimoku. Set your goals and create a 1,000,000 daimoku campaign, tracking your progress on the most amazing chart you’ve ever seen.
Functions available:
1) SGI Daily guidance with search mode (english, spanish or portuguese).
2) Gongyo book in digital format (english, spanish or portuguese).
3) Daimoku automatic time counter with countdown timer.
4) Audio support option for the Gongyo (fast and slow).
5) Audio support option for Daimoku (fast and slow).
6) Creation of Daimoku Campaign (1 million), with detailed goals.
7) Daimoku chart with intermediate phases, generating the completion of a map of the provinces of Japan.
8) Daily notification option to receive the Daisaku Ikeda Encouragement, time for gongyo of the morning and evening, as well as the time to chant Daimoku.
9) Option to share daily guidance with your contacts (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc).
10) Links for Buddhist sites.

NMRK World always with you