Daimoku+ is our new app for SGI members!!! Special for those members who chant many Daimoku 🙂

Daily encouragement, gongyo, daimoku in the same app. Available in korean, japonese, english, spanish, portuguese and italian.

Download at: bit.ly/daimokuplus

Receive daily encouragement from Ikeda Sensei and share with your friends

Chat Daimoku with a countdown timer, audio support and watch the users online also chanting around the World

Your Daimoku time will be saved automatically. For each 5 hours you fill one district of Japan. To complete a Daimoku Campaing you must chant 235 hours

Follow your Daimoku statistics and compare with last week, month and year

You can see the Daimoku history, day-by-day, and also register manually the time you’ve chanted without using the app

Your Goongyo Book is also here! With audio support and bell

You can change the audio speed for Gongyo and Daimoku, change the bell stile and set up reminders to chant

Download at: bit.ly/daimokuplus